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The difference between exclusive insurance leads and shared leads

When purchasing insurance leads, you will have to decide whether or not you want to purchase leads that are unique to you, or shared with other agents.

Both types have benefits, but the question you should ask is, which will work best for you? Hopefully this breakdown will help you make smart decisions regarding your leads

Competitive (shared) Life Insurance Leads-

Competitive leads are those which are sold off to multiple agents, multiple times. If you are purchasing a competitive lead, you are getting someone’s insurance request, that between 1 and 4 agents have also received, sometimes more. Be sure to ask the company you are working with how many times a lead will be sold.

The quality of competitive leads is a common reason for purchasing. Competitive lead generators are successful for a reason, as agents always rave about reaching potential buyers. The reason for an increase in the contact ratio is a longer more strenuous process, usually more than a few pages for the consumer. The flighty lead will generally leave the site without completing the request. Agents end up receiving a lot of information on a potential insurance customer.

The price of competitive leads is another reason agents purchase this type of insurance lead. Competitive leads tend to be slightly cheaper than exclusive.

Shared leads will also not give the consumer any online rates (life insurance).

If you are able to contact the leads quickly enough, you will have a good chance of selling regardless of the prospect talking to ore than one person. You may also be able to buy leads in areas where there not a ton of agents, and may luck out and get a lead that isn’t sold off many times

Exclusive Insurance Leads

Exclusive leads are those, which are generated and “sold” to one insurance broker or agent. Since you are the only person receiving this inquiry you may have the ability to call back this lead at their leisure. There is less chance of losing your sale to the guy up the street.

Exclusive leads are usually more expensive than shared leads. The quality of exclusive life insurance leads is often suspect. However quality among lead generators vary between sites regardless of exclusivity. Mostly it depends on where a website is advertised. Look for the best quality to come off of search engines, where someone is actively looking for quotes.

Exclusive leads can use a shorter form, and require less personal information. But a a potential lead may feel more comfortable submitting to a site that has something to offer, and doesn’t just sell off their data multiple times.

Why would you want to buy exclusive leads? You may have a better chance of closing a lead if they are not shopping around. Competitive leads may be sold to brokerages, or captive agents. Also, most competitive sites do not say that they are selling it off many times. To a consumer getting “4 free quotes” doesn’t equate to having 4 insurance salesmen call.

So there is 2 ways to go. Purchase competitive leads, and see if you can be the first agent to call, make a solid sale and hope that the next 4 agents, can’t beat your rate. Or, call on people who may be slightly less interested, but interested nonetheless and get a few bogus leads mixed in. If you are a good closer, competitive might be your best bet. You get more leads for the money, regardless of how many agents are calling. If you are more of a relationship seller, you may have better luck with the exclusive leads, knowing that the contact isn’t going to be talking to a bunch of other agents right after you.


Your best bet is to try some of both and see which work best for you. Cost-wise, exclusive leads for auto insurance may start at around 30$, while shared can be more like $15. It’s a numbers game. Whether you choose to pay more for leads and close more often, or choose to pay less for leads and convert them at a lower rate, you can still be successful regardless.

Exclusive Insurance Call Leads.  

You may also purchase exclusive calls and save time by not doing the following associated with traditional leads that may still be searching out multiple companies online even though they are "exclusive".  Buy paying for calls, you guarantee that you are talking to someone every time you are picking up the phone which significantly increases your quote and close ratios.

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