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Auto nsurance Call Leads - Frequently Asked Questions

What are click to call/pay per call auto insurance leads?

You do not pay for leads, or personal information.  You pay for a qualified call from someone requesting insurance, which leads to very high quotatilify

What is the difference between click to call and live transfer?

A live transfer lead is great but may not show the same intent.  A click to call lead is searching for your products and services, and proactively reaching out to request information.

How fresh are your leads?

Our leads are click to call leads.  Consumers are actively calling via phone and you are connected live via your phone.

How quickly can I get started?

We have representatives ready to set up an account for you today. You must be a licensed agent, however, to activate an account. Don't worry – if you are in process getting your license – we'll be here when you are ready and so will your desired territories

Why would I try another lead program?

We stand behind our product and have only brought our leads to the open market after seeing how happy our current clients have been. What makes our clients happy? Selling new insurance policies. If you are in a marketing lull with finding new real prospects, or want to increase your current book of business – work with us. We are devoted to the business of insurance

My carrier screens leads – What do you do?

Our focus is to only find those consumers actively seeking insurance online, in order to increase your ability to speak with a genuine prospect. We find that by doing so, the additional filtering is not necessary.

Do you credit bad leads?

Yes, but since we work with the best sources we anticipate less than 10% of the leads you receive from us will be credited.

What type of leads can I buy?

We generate click to call leads.  We may also be able to help with live transfer, pay per call leads

How many times are your shared leads sold?

because we are sending you a call, the lead is only sold 1x

Are you going to recycle my leads?

We do not re-contact any of the calls that are contacted.

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