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How are insurance leads generated?

Insurance leads that you purchase from a lead generator are most often generated through the internet, thru traditional advertising like radio or TV, or purchased from another lead aggregator.

Some of the ways insurance leads are generated online

Pay-Per-Click Search- Insurance sites may generate leads from google, bing or other search engines. These leads will be very expensive to generate and companies that do search marketing will likely charge more for their leads

SEO- lead companies will also do their own organic search advertising. This means their site will show up in the relevant search results. They will not pay for these placements, but will show only show up because of significant efforts including PR, content marketing, link building

Partnerships- a lead company may partner with sites that do the above marketing or show up on similar relevant websites. IF a website generates mortgage leads for example, they may have traffic that is relevant to a home insurance offer.

Affiliate marketing- affiliate networks are a group or websites or marketers that promote products online. These affiiates combine to generate leads in a variety of verticals. Affiliate networks may promote multiple offers including competing insurance offers.

Email marketing- a good number of leads generated thru affiliate networks are from email marketing, or database marketing

Co-registration- Co-registration or checkbox marketing is leads generated thru the backend of other offers. If someone is requesting information on health insurance, and the form asks if they may have interest in life insurance, they have now become 2 leads for 2 different agents

Incentive marketing- leads may be created on sites that offer rewards or incentives for filling out forms. So a lead may be generated, and the prospect will request information not for the sole purpose of getting a quote for insurance, but to get a reward of some kind

There are numerous other way leads are generated including banner ads, popup ads. Some leads may cost a lead generator 5$ to generate, while other placements may cost them 50 or 100. The quality will be different on each of these lead types and a good lead source will avoid some sources or charge accordingly. So a company that charges 5$ for a lead likely does so for a reason.

Buying and selling of leads

Insurance lead generators may be in the practice of buying or selling their leads to other insurance lead aggragators. Because generating leads is a volume business, a lead generator may acauire more leads than they have buyers for, so they will find an outlet for them. So if you are buying leads from company A, and decide to stop and then move on to company B

Other ways to generate leads include Call generated leads. Radio and TV, Mobile, Direct mail...

There are plenty of other places too. I have even seen fax advertising generate insurance leads. Just be careful and make sure your lead provider is somewhat transparent. And make sure to give them feedback. Continue to communicate quality. Ask for lead credits for bad leads, etc.

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