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No Call Transfers. Proactive consumers looking quotes. We generate the calls, you focus on selling insurance.

Auto Insurance Leads for Agents and Brokers - Auto Insurance Call Leads is an Internet lead generation company that helps insurance agents and brokers generate sales without paying for costly advertising that doesn’t provide any ROI.

We provide leads that call YOU!

We receive inbound call requests from consumers for looking for auto insurance quotes via internal mobile, search and local proactive marketing campaigns and a large network of Insurance websites. Our websites are creating prospects that are looking for the insurance products that you offer.

If you decide to buy from us, you will receive auto insurance call leads through your current phone system. Our proprietary IVR (phone backend) and customized phone routing system will qualify your applicant and deliver someone that is ready to get an insurance quote in your preferred area.  You can filter inbound calls in an easy to use dashboard for location, and times.  You only pay for qualified calls.

You are not required to commit to any number of leads. This is a pay as you go program

Insurance lead types that we offer:

Oher verticals may include:

We offer exclusive insurance leads, because we are sending you a call from an interested consumer looking for quotes.  Traditional leads (not calls), may be sold up up to the industry standard 8x.  

For every new customer, we offer discounts or matching programs so you can test the contact-ability, and quality of the leads we generate.

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